Marcin Gosk

Freelance software developer

I am experienced software developer. My current main area of interests is Scala, TypeLevel Reactive Platform and big data processing. I will be happy to craft a state of the art product for you using the following techs: Scala, Play Framework, SBT, AngularJS, SASS/LESS, HTML5. I am familiar with many others, but these are my favorite and allow me build high scalable platforms.

Web background

I have wide knowledge of many modern technologies in web development stack, from low-level networking protocols and system tweaking (ubuntu, nginx), through server-side programming (Play Framework, Spray, MongoDB, Redis) to client-side programming (HTML5, LESS , Angular 2). I could solve the programming task of any complexity for you, but I prefer developing complex and unique web services rather than creating simple websites.

Bitcoin and blockchain

Since 2011 I am interested in Bitcoin cryptocurrency development and I am active member of Polish Bitcoin community. I implemented one publicly available project based on Bitcoin technology (BitcoinD) . It was Bitcoin mining rig managment system with builed in shares exchange.


If you are looking for help in ongoing Scala project, need to build apps in days or only need short consultations, please contact with me marcin.gosk(at)


Play, Spray, Akka-http


Mongo, PostgreSql, Redis

Bitcoin & blockchain

Angular 2

Apache Spark

Project management (scrum, kanban)

DevOps skills

Comprehensiveness is the enemy of comprehensibility.

Martin Fowler


During my career I built various applications, from simple web apps through accounting systems to complicated information collecting & retrieval modules.